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In Nanjing, China, Dantherm helped a customer who had problems with cabinet overheating. This problem was solved by introducing Dantherm’s new Air Conditioner 600 which ensures that the electronic equipment is working at a suitable temperature.

Challenges in the Site

The communication cabinet is small but filled with a lot of important electronic equipment. Therefore, there are several challenges that need to be taken into account; the first is to solve the overheating problem. The cabinets get very exposed in the sun - the inside of the cabinet could reach a temperature of 60oC, while the ambient temperature is only 38oC. In order to avoid overheating, the customer installed a filter to let a certain amount of air exchange, and they also used anti-heat surface painting on the outside of the cabinet to decrease the temperature. 
However, this solution was not enough in order to ensure that the electronic equipment inside the cabinet was working efficiently. Furthermore, it casued dust and water to blow into the cabinet. Another challenge was that the customer's cabinets were installed close to a residential area where there are strict requirements to the noise level.
The cabinets need to be 100% sealed because of the sensitive electronic equipment inside, hence, it is very important to stop dust or water from entering the cabinet.

Dantherm Air Conditioner 600 - Specially Designed for This Customer

Closed Loop Cooling: In order to help this customer, Dantherm provided the Air Conditioner 600. This is a closed loop cooling system, which means that inside and outside air stream are absolutely separated. This will prevent moisture or dust in the cabinet.
Perfect Cooling Capacity:  When approaching Dantherm Telecom, you can be sure that the units are designed for the purpose of electronic cooling with special regard to cooling capacity, temperature settings and the design of the cooling system. The AC600 can quickly decrease the temperature to a suitable temperature in the cabinet, but also maintain the cabinet in a desired temperature without energy waste. Furthermore, customers can always set the desired inside-temperature according to the individual needs with the built-in controller. 
Low Noise for Human Consideration:We have adopted several methods to decrease the noise to make sure that the noise is within the requirements - even when the fans are fully running.

Professional Makes the Happy Customers

In this case, the client is very happy with our quality products, fast response and pleasant services. Each Dantherm solution is provided to meet specific customers' needs, which makes Dantherm stand out from the competitors.

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