Flexibox cooling
solutions in Angola

Telcabo, a Portugal-based network integrator operating in the Telecommunication and Energy markets, integrated a Dantherm Flexibox cooling solution in one of their Telecom projects in Angola.

Free Cooling Solution

Angola Case StoryIn a country like Angola, temperatures are very high during the day, but drop significantly during the night. Considering this and other project-specific requisites, Telcabo projected a ventilation solution based on Dantherm's Free cooling solution, the Flexibox 400. Telcabo, already familiar with Dantherm as a known Caupel brand, worked with Caupel to obtain the best solution, which resulted in the implementation of 21 outdoor units.

Flexibox Concept

Free Cooling by Dantherm is controlled ventilation; it removes excess heat from Telecom base stations and cools down the shelter or enclosure by means of ambient air. The Flexibox Free Cooling system can be used as the sole cooling solution or in combination with an existing air conditioning system, prolonging the service life of the air conditioner significantly. The compact design allows multiple installation options and the implementation of a Flexibox system typically generates energy savings of up to 90 %.

Customer Satisfaction

Angola Case Story _3The emergency cooling feature
of the Flexibox 400 was very important for this project, as the power supply at the Telecom sites is a critical issue. Furthermore, the generated energy savings were of great importance in a developing country such as Angola. Therefore, the client was highly satisfied with the Dantherm solution. The Flexibox met their cooling demands in an extreme environment and deliveries
were prompt. Telcabo and its customer are pleased with the performance of the Flexibox and consider using Flexibox and other Dantherm solutions in future projects.

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Facts: Free Cooling

Very high savings
Controlled ventilation
Total heat management
Intelligent control system
Safety feature: air inlet
protection for harsh