Air Conditioners

For Telecom cabinets.

Dantherm's Air Conditioners are specifically designed for the removal of heat from cabinets containing temperature-sensitive electrical, electronic or telecommunications equipment. The closed loop cooling system maintains a clean, internal environment ensuring optimum performance and maximum service life of the enclosed electronics.

Dantherm Air Conditioners are engineered to meet the challenges of the Telecom, Automation and IT industries and thus offer strict climate control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Constructed with a brushless, permanently magnified motor, the performance of the Dantherm Air Conditioners goes far beyond that of conventional comfort cooling systems.

Dantherm Air Conditioners are mono-block, plug and play units, which can be installed in- or outside the Telecom cabinet. Compared with a split air conditioner, the Dantherm Air Conditioner is easy to install, as no cooling engineer is required for installation. Every Air Conditioner is developed against the background of Dantherm's extensive experience, having deployed hundreds of thousands of Air Conditioners in outdoor applications all over the world.

  • small compartment cooler Dantherm Air Conditioner 600 Air Conditioner 600
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Air Conditioner

High performance
Closed loop cooling
Strict climate control
Brushless, permanently magnified motor
High-quality components
Weather-proof casing
Mono-block, plug-and-play
Easy installation

  • Dantherm Air conditioner 600 made for battery cooling Air Conditioner 600
  • Dantherm Air conditioner for small compartment cooling Air Conditioner 600
Dantherm Air Conditioner capacities600600
Supply Voltage Nominal VAC 230
± 10%
± 10%
Capacity in kW at 35°C inside and 35°C ambient  0.6 0.6 
Max internal air flow m³/h (free blowing measurement)  190 190 
Weight in kg 19  20.5 
Mounted indoor outdoor
Features dantherm air conditioner line600
Closed loop cooling bullet
Internal evaporator coil coated with water drop treatment bullet
No filter needed bullet
High quality AC fans bullet

Construction and design

Casing of thin plate aluzinc construction and powder coat painted RAL 7035 bullet
Anti-salt spray treated coil bullet
Water-resistant fan bullet
External fan with humidity & salt protection bullet
Small and compact design bullet
Ingress protection level 55 (IP55) bullet
Operation modes 600
Built-in heater  
Constant recirculation of internal air bullet
Controllers and sensors 600
Built-in digital controller bullet
Password protected controller bullet
Fans controller on/off bullet
Variable cooling set point bullet
Changeable parameters bullet
On-board temperature sensor  
Testing 600
Leakage, function and voltage test bullet
Ground testing (0) bullet
UL  compliant  
CE compliant bullet
Self-test function  bullet
Installation and service 600 
Mono-block, plug and play installation bullet
3m installation cable included  
5m installation cable included bullet
Through-wall mounting bullet
For outdoor use bullet
For indoor use - shelter or room  
Anti-theft installation bullet
Expected service life min.10 years bullet
Communication interface 600 
LED lights for status  
Controller with visible LED display  
Environment 600 
Energy-efficient fans bullet
Refrigerant R134a bullet
Environment protectionn of components are widely used in design bullet
  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom Cabinets
  • Battery Compartments
  • Automation control cabinets
  • Power supply rooms
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Drive stations
  • Ad boards
  • Displays
  • Kiosks
Features and Benefits
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Reliable, high-quality cooling system
  • Designed for electronics cooling with high ambient temperatures
  • Easy installation in-and outdoors
  • Compact mono-block unit
  • Weather-protected, corrosion-resistant component






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