Air Conditioning Technology

To meet the cooling demands of the Telecom industry, the cooling system of the Dantherm Air Conditioners is engineered to cool within a temperature range higher than that of commercial air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning - how it works 

Air Conditioner Heat And ColdTelecom electronic and transmission equipment is designed to run efficiently at up to 50-55°C and the Dantherm Air Conditioners are designed with this in mind. The higher the internal temperature, the lower the energy consumption. Thereby, the overall OPEX of a telecom network is improved.

The internal cabinet air is circulated in a closed loop, drawing warm air from the top of the cabinet and returning cooled air at the bottom. Heat is transferred to the outside by a refrigerant system ensuring closed loop cooling inside the cabinet. This ensures no entrance of dust and/or humidity from the ambient to the enclosure.

  • Advanced control board
  • Designed for Telecom cabinet temperatures - extended working window
  • Runs in extreme ambient temperatures utilizing R134A
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • Permanent brushless motors
  • Vandalism and burglar proof design

Air Conditioner CabinetDigital controller

An advanced control board ensures smooth and efficient operation. The latest generation provides self-test and alarm functions, lead-lag, operational log and PC communication.


The brushless motor incorporated in the Dantherm Air Conditioners has permanent magnetized, rotating magnets and a fixed armature eliminating the problems of connecting current to a moving armature. Brushless motors offer several advantages over brushed motors, such as increased efficiency and reliability, reduced noise and longer service life.

Field proven

Dantherm Air Conditioners have been running in the field since the first mobile networks were rolled out and have therefore been rigorously tested to meet the demands of the industry.


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Air Conditioner

High performance
Closed loop cooling
Strict climate control
Brushless, permanently magnified motor
High-quality components
Weather-proof casing
Mono-block, plug-and-play
Easy installation

DC Air Conditioner

Closed loop cooling
Inverter eliminated
Compact design
Mono-block units
Very high performance
Brushless DC motor
Weather-proof casing
Ideal for off-grid sites
Ideal for battery cooling

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