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Dantherm is a market-leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions for telecom customers across North America.

We operate within two main business areas - electronics cooling for telecom and electronics cooling for the industrial sector. 

We command a significant market position in USA, Canada and Mexico - all of which have enabled us to build a significant base of loyal customers.

We take pride in engineering reliable solutions that generate substantial energy savings, extend the service life of sensitive electronic equipment, and provide our customers with the much desired uptime in their telecom networks and electronic equipment. We believe that innovation is the key to supplying our highly competitive thermodynamic solutions and we continuously strive to challenge our status quo.

Dantherm makes a point of being a better place to work. We offer a work environment that inspires new ideas and creates a sense of responsibility. This in turn has resulted in a powerful corporate engine of skilled and dedicated employees.

At this moment, Dantherm as a group has sold more than one million climate control systems worldwide.

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