Case Stories
& Customer References

Dantherm is proud to share the stories of positive customer experiences, and we continuously work on adding to our collection of cases.

Air Conditioner

Find out how Dantherm Air Conditioners keep Telecom Cabinets and Shelters within defined temperature limits day and night, with almost no maintenance. Case Stories - Air Conditioning

DC Air Conditioner

Find out how Dantherm DC Air Conditioners are keeping off-grid Telecom Cabinets and Shelters within defined temperature limits day and night with minimum energy consumption. Case stories - DC Air Conditioning

Heat Exchanger

Dantherm Air Conditioner solutions Find out how Dantherm Heat Exchangers keep your climates cool with increased cost savings day and night, with limited maintenance…… Case Stories - Heat Exchange

Free Cooling

Dantherm Free Cooling customer references Click to read how Dantherm Free cooling units are helping our customers achieve energy savings and ROI in a short time while keeping network shelters cool… Case stories - Free Cooling

Dual Zone Cooling

divide the shelter into 2 different zones to save energy waste Let Dantherm help you achieve compartmentalized cooling of temperature sensitive components while allowing a higher temperature for the non-temperature sensitive components.... Case stories - Dual Zone Cooling

Combo Cooling

Dantherm Combo Cooling customer references How to minimize cooling OPEX with high-capacity free cooling and air conditioning in one solution…… Case stories - Combo Cooling

Challenging climate

Dantherm Flexibox for challenging climate How Telecom operators are defeating everchanging power supplys and temperatures, along with high running costs. Case stories - Challenging Climates

Tetra Network

Dantherm integrated cabinet solutions tetra network How new TETRA networks are ensuring reliability, energy savings, cost reduction and sustainability. Case stories - Tetra Network Cooling