Case Stories &
Customer References
Challenging Climates & Situations

Dantherm is proud to share the stories of our customer's experiences and references in those ambient conditions that are challenging - from far north at Cape Farewell in Greenland surrounded by sea ice and extreme low ambient temperatures to the desert near Dubai with harsh sand storms and extreme high ambient temperatures. We continuously work on adding to our collection of cases.

How to successfully
apply free cooling
in the desert

Dantherm free cooling in the desert with AirMaze air inlet protection Dubai test shelter with Flexibox and AirMaze
34 % average kwh savings in 2015 and protection during sandstorms and power outage. Learn how this test of Dantherm Free Cooling and air inlet protection made the customers pinch themselves to believe the results. Read this case

Flexibox installation
in Angola

Dantherm Flexibox installation in Angola Free cooling in an extreme environment.
Unreliable power sources and high running costs made a Portugal-based network integrator contact Dantherm... Read this case

Achieve Energy Savings
in Off-Grid
Battery Banks

Transform your cooling strategy with DC dual zone technology
A mobile operator reduced its energy consumption and increased efficiency when they converted from Air Conditioning to DC Dual Zone technology...
Read this case