Case Stories &
Customer References
Dual Zone Cooling Solutions

Dantherm is proud to share the stories of positive customer experiences and customer references. Here you can read how customers use Dual Zone cooling solutions to optimize the energy efficiency in their telecom networks - In both their shelter and cabinet sites.  

Improve your
existing cooling

Remote Telecom hybrid site DC cooling 3 combinations that will boost your earnings
Go through the profit checklist to find out if your site will benefit from adding DC Air Conditioning... Read this case

Put a stop to
high running costs

Put a stop to high running costs Telecom DC Air Conditioning From air conditioning to dual-zone cooling with 3-year ROI
A Telecom operator created continuous savings with ROI in maximum 3 years - by adding to an existing air conditioning solution. Read this case

The future of
data center cooling

Smart cooling strategy pays off at green data center
Researchers at Rutgers University seek ways to improve the efficiency of data centers and select Dantherm Free Cooling & Air Conditioning systems… Read this case

Achieve Energy Savings
in Off-Grid
Battery Banks

Transform your cooling strategy with DC dual zone technology
A mobile operator reduced its energy consumption and increased efficiency when they converted from Air Conditioning to DC Dual Zone technology...
Read this case

How to save money
with Dual-Zone

How to save money with Dual-Zone Cooling Dual-Zone climate control strategy results in 70% energy savings.
A telecom operator concerned with rising energy consumption and operational costs investigates energy-efficient cooling... Read this case