Case Stories &
Customer References
Free Cooling Solutions

Dantherm is proud to share the stories of our customer's experiences and references. In this section you will find studies related to Free Cooling solutions rating from high capacity Free Cooling through Flexibox Free Cooling to Displacement Free Cooilng. We continuously work on adding to our collection of cases.


New Dantherm Cooling Strategy Led to 32% Total Energy Savings case Dual zone cooling strategy in Spain
A Telecom operator was looking for a way to reduce energy consumption in more than 100,000 shelters housing radio transmission equipment and battery racks. A simple change of cooling strategy did the trick... Read this case

Why free cooling
is a safe choice in
humid regions

Dantherm download free white paper on free cooling and high relative humidity Free white paper download
Free cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling method and the highest savings generator within electronics cooling. And the best thing is: you don't have to worry about high relative humidity. Read this article

Why Free cooling and
air conditioning are
safe in humid regions

Dantherm download free white paper on free cooling and high relative humidity Free white paper download, part 2
Free cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling method within electronics cooling. And you don't have to worry about high relative humidity, even when combined with air conditioning. Read this article

How to successfully
apply free cooling
in the desert

Dantherm free cooling in the desert with AirMaze air inlet protection Dubai test shelter with Flexibox and AirMaze
34 % average kwh savings in 2015 and protection during sandstorms and power outage. Learn how this test of Dantherm Free Cooling and air inlet protection made the customers pinch themselves to believe the results. Read this case

3 secrets to
financially sustainable
network infrastructure

Dantherm secrets to sustainable networks energy-savings Based on the roll-out of a new TETRA network,
this article covers an innovative approach to new and existing network infrastructure with a view to ensuring financial sustainability, high coverage, durability and dependability. Read this case

Improve your
existing cooling

Remote Telecom hybrid site DC cooling 3 combinations that will boost your earnings
Go through the profit checklist to find out if your site will benefit from adding DC Air Conditioning... Read this case

Put a stop to
high running costs

Put a stop to high running costs Telecom DC Air Conditioning From air conditioning to dual-zone cooling with 3-year ROI
A Telecom operator created continuous savings with ROI in maximum 3 years - by adding to an existing air conditioning solution. Read this case

The future of
data center cooling

Smart cooling strategy pays off at green data center
Researchers at Rutgers University seek ways to improve the efficiency of data centers and select Dantherm Free Cooling & Air Conditioning systems… Read this case

Achieve Energy Savings
in Off-Grid
Battery Banks

Transform your cooling strategy with DC dual zone technology
A mobile operator reduced its energy consumption and increased efficiency when they converted from Air Conditioning to DC Dual Zone technology...
Read this case

How to save money
with Dual-Zone

How to save money with Dual-Zone Cooling Dual-Zone climate control strategy results in 70% energy savings.
A telecom operator concerned with rising energy consumption and operational costs investigates energy-efficient cooling... Read this case

Extraction vs.
Free Cooling in
South Africa

Extraction vs. Free Cooling huge savings Dantherm Test run revealed significant savings
A large Telecom operator in South Africa wanted to test their existing extraction solution against a Dantherm Free Cooling solution... Read this case

3GIS RNC core network
sites with Free Cooling

3GIS RNC core network sites with Dantherm Free Cooling. Running cost and installation savings.
The Swedish 3G network is based on Dantherm Free Cooling. Now the solution has also been implemented at 11 RNC core network sites... Read this case

Flexibox installation
in Angola

Dantherm Flexibox installation in Angola Free cooling in an extreme environment.
Unreliable power sources and high running costs made a Portugal-based network integrator contact Dantherm... Read this case

Flexibox in fixed net
data rooms

dantherm Flexibox fixed net data rooms Flexibox for large scale cooling.
A German fixed net service provider needed to lower energy consumption in his overall business... Read this case