A large mobile operator wanted to evaluate the difference between their existing extraction solution and a Dantherm Free Cooling solution – and achieved impressive results.

One-year test setup

The operator wanted to test two similar shelters with two different cooling equipment configurations:

  • The same type of air conditioner at both shelters.
  • Two different Free Cooling solutions (with controller), an extraction version and a Dantherm Flexibox with an ACUE Controller.
  • The two shelters were placed in the same proximity, had the same transmission equipment (and similar traffic on the site) and the same temperature settings.
  • The measurement was done according to how much the existing air conditioner needed to run - when it was controlled by either the exhaust solution or the Dantherm Flexibox solution.
  • The test ran for one year from April 2012 to April 2013.

Test results revealed significant savings

The test showed significant differences in energy consumption. The exhaust controller ran the air conditioner to consume 22.000 kWh, whereas the Dantherm-controlled site consumed 4.300 kWh. 

The answer to this difference lies in the fact that there are several ways to control temperatures at a Telecom site. The Dantherm-developed controller for the Flexibox is a well-proven solution with an intelligent, energy-saving strategy. This controller focuses on both the control of the Free Cooling Flexibox and the control of the air conditioner. 

Booming energy prices means fast ROI

The operator is estimated to generate energy savings of 1.770 EUR/year in 2013 on each site. The operator's energy provider is forecasting 20-30% price increases per year in the coming 3 years, so the Dantherm Free Cooling solutions will achieve ROI very quickly for this specific case.

More Technology?

Read in detail about the technology behind our Free Cooling solutions.

How much can you save?

Request an energy savings calculation based on your specific site conditions.

Facts: Free Cooling
  • Energy savings of up to 90%
  • No need for inverter
  • Compact design
  • Mono-block units
  • Very high performance
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Weather-proof casing
  • Ideal for off-grid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling
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