Integrated Cabinet Solution
for the Danish Emergency
Management Agency

Dantherm Air Handling and Dantherm Power developed an integrated outdoor cabinet solution to ensure reliability of the digital radio communications system, SINE.

Integrated Cabinet TetraIn 2007 the Danish Emergency Management Agency started using a new radio communications system. 
This was mainly due to peak load problems in connection with terrorism and other emergencies experienced by the international community in recent years. The existing GSM network would fail because of stress and heavy load. The new radio communications system was based on the latest digital Tetra technology and would be used by emergency services dealing with public order, safety and health.

Cooling and fuel cell based backup power

Dantherm Air Handling and Dantherm Power developed an integrated outdoor cabinet solution for the approximately 450 radio stations established all over Denmark. The cabinets contained ventilation and cooling for the advanced radio-electronics and a hydrogen-based backup power system that would instantly take over if the electricity were to fail or become unstable.

Dantherm is proud to deliver a solution so important for the Danish society. The reliability of the SINE network is especially important when emergency services work together to save lives in case of major accidents, natural disasters, pollution or in connection with fires or explosions.

Focus on reliability and maximum uptime

Integrated Cabinet Tetra _2Although the fuel cell based backup power provides significant environmental benefits compared to conventional backup technologies such as batteries and diesel generators, the decision to use fuel cells was based on purely commercial and technical arguments without any public funding. The solution provides the SINE-Network with very high reliability and significantly lower maintenance, and it ensures network uptime for a very long undisclosed period.

Heat Exchanger
  • Capacity range from 17-100W/F
  • Closed loop cooling
  • CFC and refrigerant free
  • Filterless design
  • Availability in AC and DC voltages
Heat Exchanger
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