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Frequent break-downs and continuous replacement of air conditioners forced a Telecom operator to consider a new supplier. The result was a more affordable, more reliable and more energy-saving Heat Exchange solution from Dantherm.

Frequent air conditioner break-downs and high running costs
A Telecom operator based in Western Europe was having problems with frequent air conditioner break-downs.  In some cases, it would be impossible to simply start the aging units.  With more than 600 cabinets in the field, this resulted in very high costs in running, servicing and continuously replacing the air conditioners.

Dantherm investigation results in new cooling strategy
The operator was initially looking for a similar, more reliable AC Air Conditioning solution.  But upon site inspection, the Dantherm consultant recommended cooling the cabinet with DC Heat Exchange instead of Air Conditioning.  TheCabinet %20north _72ppi _230x 266 recommendation was supported by a calculation comparing the heat exchanger with a new, fully functional air conditioner, which showed potential energy savings of up to 85%.

Heat Exchange vs. Air Conditioning in outdoor cabinets
What was the idea behind changing cooling solutions?  With Heat Exchange technology, the inside temperature would only be slightly higher than that of the outside environment when removing heat instead of cooling.  Therefore, there was no need for highly energy-intensive Air Conditioning.  Furthermore, the start-up inrush current and great need of AC power which led to the problems of high running costs and frequent break-downs of the original Air Conditioning solutions would be eliminated, because the Dantherm Heat Exchangers consume significantly less power.  Finally, Heat Exchange solutions are generally more affordable than traditional Air Conditioning solutions and require much less maintenance resulting in lower service costs.

Improved uptime and increased savings
The operator agreed to initiate a test-run of a Dantherm Heat Exchange solution at a selection of sites. The tests ran for more than a year, during which time the operator decided to roll out the solution in more cabinets across the country.  The Heat Exchange solutions were even installed without powering down the operator's sites, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime.

By changing from active cooling to a more reliable passive cooling solution, the operator reduced the costs of equipment, power consumption and service visits.  Finally, they improved the customer experience of their end users by avoiding downtime due to equipment break-downs.

The Case in Brief

  • A large Telecom operator was dealing with frequent break-downs and high running costs
  • The operator wanted to replace their traditional AC air conditioning with a similar but more reliable and cost-effective solution
  • After working with Dantherm energy consultants, the cooling strategy was changed to DC Heat Exchange
  • The change from active cooling to passive cooling resulted in lower costs for the solutions, but also lower operating and maintenance costs along with the added benefit of increased reliability


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