Saving Energy in
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A mobile operator has reduced its energy consumption and achieved a far more efficient conversion between the off-grid energy source and the batteries by simply changing the traditional AC-powered air conditioning solution to a DC-powered dual-zone climate control solution.

A better overall solution
A mobile operator with operations in several African countries was looking to replace its AC-powered cooling system with DC in order to achieve savings on both energy and expenditures. Dantherm presented a DC-solution that optimizes the operator's overall solution. It not only eliminates the need for conversion, but it focuses the cooling and is very secure and easy to install.

The African challengeOff Grid Battery Bank_ORIGINAL_US
The mobile operator has a number of important issues to consider for operating in Africa.  The ambient temperature rises to very high levels,
the power supply is often unstable or even non-existent,  and the sites are vulnerable to vandalism due to the valuable electronic equipment housed.   The mobile operator has
now chosen to implement Dantherm's Dual-Zone climate control solution in order to protect its numerous African sites against melt down because of the high ambient temperature.  According to Area Sales Manager Randi Sandfeld Larsen, this control strategy separates the cooling for the temperature sensitive batteries from the transmission equipment.

Separating cooling and ventilation
With Dantherm's Dual-Zone solution, the batteries are placed in an outdoor cabinet powered by DC, while the transmission equipment is placed in a ventilated indoor cabinet.  The result is significantly lower energy consumption as the operator only cools down the temperature sensitive batteries. Furthermore, Dantherm's DC Air Conditioners operate without inverters, which reduce the chain of conversion, resulting in minimal power loss and further savings.

Mono-block design is easy to installOff Grid Battery Bank_ORIGINAL_US_2
Dantherm's solution replaces the mobile operator's existing split air conditioner design
with a mono-block unit, eliminating the visible pipes. This not only protects the units against vandalism, but also makes them very easy to install.  

Savings will vary
The mobile operator approved Dantherm's 
Dual-Zone solution and Dantherm is now supplying the units as the partner services the sites.  The savings result will vary between sites.  Savings will depend on a series of factors such as the indoor site temperature, the ambient temperature and the site's previous energy sources.  Randi Larsen states that "if all the options offered by Dantherm's DC-solution are utilized, we expect that the mobile operator will achieve approximately 60-70% savings on the power used for cooling."

The mobile operator achieves a number of significant advantages:

  • The off-grid sites no longer have to convert the diesel, solar or wind generated DC power to AC power, which caused them to suffer 10-15% current loss.
  • DC powered cooling does not use extra current when starting up. AC powered cooling, on the other hand, spends up to 10 times its running current every time the temperature reaches its tolerance level and the cooling system has to start up.
  • The compartment cooling prolongs battery service life and generates substantial savings.
  • The sites are safer from vandalism as the mono-block unit consists of one, closed loop air conditioner without exposed pipes.
  • The solution is easy to install and maintain.


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  • Energy savings of up to 90%
  • No need for inverter
  • Compact design
  • Mono-block units
  • Very high performance
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Weather-proof casing
  • Ideal for off-grid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling
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