Telecom Cabinets Evolving
to Manage More Capacity
with Less Footprint

The booming success of smartphones and tablets is driving an increased demand for mobile data services. 4G/LTE is changing the home experience to the portable experience – with the ability to take the services like DirecTV or HBO Go that are now accessible on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

According to the NPD Group, Americans will have 34 million mobile broadband devices by the end of 2015, an increase of nearly 50% from 2013.  Wireless telecom operators are doing their best to expand  4G networks in an effort to meet this dramatic increase in bandwidth demand.  
What does this mean for telecom networks?

  1. There will be a shift from coaxial to fiber optics. Fiber is lighter and the capacity bandwidth is far superior to coaxial. Fiber will also lead to minimizing the amount of electronics each site needs.
  2. Cell sites are getting smaller and telecom operators are using smaller cabinets and trying to fit as much equipment into the smaller cabinets.
  3. Macro sites are becoming more intelligent, using hardened equipment on the tower, utilizing smaller enclosures.
  4. There is an increasing need for 4G microcell base stations or “small cells” to support arenas, colleges, hospitals and other infrastructures that require increased bandwidth when crowds increase in these environments.

Pictured above is one of the Verizon small cells installed around the exterior of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) track, the world's largest sporting venue. The small cells at IMS were installed to handle the growing demand for mobile data during sporting events.  This Charles Industries small cell cabinet (CUBE) utilizes a compact Dantherm heat exchanger for energy efficient cooling.  

Wireless infrastructure changes to meet these 4G/LTE demands result in smaller more compact electronics and enclosures that require smaller thermal solutions. Dantherm continues to meet the challenging demands of the telecom industry.  

Dantherm offers a range of compact cooling solutions that ensure maximum uptime, but most importantly, solutions that provide sustainable, reliable and energy-efficient cabinet cooling.

Heat Exchanger

  • Cost effective and energy efficient closed loop cooling solutions in a range of capacities from 17-100 W/F
  • Available in 115 or 230 VAC and 24 or 48 VDC
  • Refrigerant free design
  • Filter less cooling for little to no required service

Air Conditioning

  • Reliable, high-quality cooling system in a range of capacities from 2,000-19,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Designed for electronics cooling with high ambient temperatures
  • Select models available in DC voltage. Perfect for off grid sites.


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