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US Telecom integrator looking for a dual sourcing and price competitiveness streamlines their heat exchange supply with Dantherm partnership

Importance of a strong supplier relationship

A supplier provides more than just a product or a service, they provide solutions, reliability, competitiveness, efficiency.Heat Exchanger Unit For Web _2  Companies that develop strong supplier relationships with vendors are able to create partnerships rather than just gain commodity providers.  The biggest difference between the two is the way the organizations communicate, which has a large affect on supply chain management, which in turn affects efficiency and profitability.

Streamlined supply chain improves cost & efficiency

Many companies use a dual-source supply strategy to minimize disruption of their supply chain and improve price competitiveness.  A US telecom integrator approached Dantherm because they were looking for a supplier that could work with their fluctuating demands. 

Dantherm provided a cost competitive Heat Exchanger -but more importantly, Dantherm was able to provide a reliable supply chain.  With short production lead-times, Dantherm was able to help improve the integrator's lead-times and efficiency as well as reduce their safety stock and inventory levels.  A supply chain representative with the telecom integrator commented, "We like the fact that Dantherm is so responsive and returns our inquiries and requests in such a timely fashion".   With streamlined communications and supply chain, they now have over 600 Dantherm heat exchangers deployed on their cabinets located throughout the US.

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