Combo cooling

Combo Cooling for Telecom shelters, cabinets, enclosures and rooms

With both Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Operating Costs getting increased attention in the Telecom industry, Dantherm was initially among the first to develop a solution to address both challenges. The solution is the new Combo Cooling product line combining Air Conditioning and Free Cooling to offer environmentally friendly climate control and generate optimum savings.

Dantherm Combo Cooling units are used for both in- and outdoor Telecom cabinets, shelters and electronics enclosures. The units are designed to save energy in normal running mode and have the advantage of back-up air conditioning during warm climates.

Ingress Protection Level 55

The Dantherm Combo Cooling system lives up to IP55 in the free cooling mode, protecting the cabinet, shelter or enclosure from the intrusion of dust and water. This makes the system perfect for even the most extreme environments and all geographical markets.

Dantherm Combo Cooling units have been running in the field since 1992.

High-capacity combo cooling

The newly launched Combo Cooling marks the beginning of a new generation of Dantherm Combo Coolers.  The unit re-thinks the basics of combo cooling, by focusing on high-volume free cooling.  The new Combo features a Dantherm-developed air inlet protection feature, the Air MazePat.Pend., which discharges water, sand, leaves and snow before they reach the filter.

  • Combo Cooling  Combo Cooling
  • Combo Cooling  Combo Cooling
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